About the Artist

Chris has been working as a local and international photographer for over 10 years. Growing up, he developed a real passion for photography with Thomas Edison and George Eastman as childhood idols. Since his first visit to the Kodak Museum in Rochester, NY, at the age of 8, Chris has been amazed by the power of photography and has continued developing into a locally and internationally recognized artist.

A unique approach to photography, coupled with the desire to “constantly search for the extraordinary in the ordinary,” helps Chris use his lens to give others a new perspective. His love of photography, both at home in Buffalo and throughout his international travels, has driven Chris to keep finding new and exciting scenes to share with the world.

Chris Behrend’s work has been on display in a variety of galleries and exhibitions, and his captivating images of Buffalo and beyond have been well received throughout many years of events and exhibitions.

In 2003, Chris earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, majoring in Specialized Studies. Constantly learning, he is an active member of Artists in Buffalo, as well as the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). As time goes on, Chris continues to develop in his craft with the encouragement of his local and international supporters.

As you dive into the extensive collections of Chris Behrend’s local photography, you will notice a love for architecture and industrial decay that can only come from growing up in the Queen City. Whether he’s capturing iconic landmarks, the four seasons’ impact on Niagara Falls and Lake Erie, the ruins of the city’s industrial past, or the restoration and resurgence of Buffalo’s future, anyone with an appreciation for the rust belt – from its history to its uprising – is sure to love what Chris has collected throughout his years of photography and exploration.

Though Chris loves participating in local galleries and exhibitions, his photography has been constantly evolving as he travels the world to capture new and exciting images.

Chris Behrend’s International collections include travels to Alaska, Aruba, Ecuador, Peru, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. With an intense sense of creativity and wanderlust, Chris will never stop seeking out the best destinations to capture unique and powerful images.

Chris has received numerous national and international awards, and his black-and-white shot “Gaze of the Grey Wolf” is still in use today as the official selection has a petition campaign to protect and save wolves, orchestrated by the national non-profit organization, Defenders of Wildlife.

Another black-and-white image of Asani the lion at the Buffalo Zoo was awarded the “Achievement in Contrast” award from viewbug.com, a popular photography site on which he’s been a contest finalist several times and has recently been named a featured contributor.

In most recent years, Chris has been awarded 2nd Place for “Best Photography” as an Allentown Art Festival exhibitor and was recently presented with an Honorable Mention Award at the Kenan Art Center during their biennial Niagara Frontier Art Exhibit (NFAE).

With a passion for always expanding his photography portfolio, Chris continues to hone his skills, update his equipment, and travel the world to get the most unique and captivating images! We’re excited to share his journey with you, and hope that you’ve found your favorite shots to browse, share, order, and enjoy.