Artistic Approach

“I approach photography in search of a great story. Every piece of art has a great story behind it. I look for what can be humanistically revealed to give form, definition, and a natural essence that often results in a humbling and inspiring experience. I constantly search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

When I stumble across something amazing, particularly in nature, it really opens my eyes and the artist in me immediately steps forward to capture what I’m seeing in my own way. Digital photography enables all of this to happen right then and there. I take full advantage of the tools I have at my disposal, both in camera, in the air, and in the final piece.

As expansive as today’s post-processing tools are, a major goal I have is to not let the world of digital editing consume the photograph. It’s very easy to allow features such as HDR to overwhelm the original shot and – almost immediately – ruin all the best features that make it unique. These images can become a very unrealistic creation that ultimately disappoints the artist and those who try to understand it in the final work.

There is a definite connection between an artist and their surroundings that can’t always be explained. I know without a doubt that my view of architecture, landscapes, and aerial photography would not be what it is had I not grown up in one of the most unique cities in the U.S.—Buffalo, New York.

Over time, that connection becomes enriched with inspiration and alters your entire view of the world. With enough inspiration and dedication, this blossoms into something profoundly passionate. I try to consistently embrace that view from an artistic standpoint, with every shot I take, to better my photography.

Landscapes and nature often create an ebb and flow of imagination that can appear, come but once in a lifetime, forcing the viewer to question, think creatively, and come up with their own answer.

Aerial Photography, using a drone as part of my photographic arsenal, has become an incredible new tool for capturing amazing shots from up high. Using this technology gives us the power to see everything on Earth from a completely different perspective in all kinds of profound ways. Of the photographic arts, landscapes are one of my favorites. Every now and then, nature paints it’s own canvas in ways that stand out from the rest.

I’m motivated to accumulate the most unique collection of photography I possibly can to bring art and creativity to others. There’s never enough art in the world and I believe it’s one of the most important aspects of humanity as a whole. Expression of imagination and how we see our world is crucial to our very existence. There are so many aspects of Earth that are at risk, mostly due to our progress as a species. This can be corrected, and I’m a strong believer that art itself can unite everyone to create a vision for a better tomorrow.”

-Christopher Behrend